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As someone who is now post the 27 year mark, it’s easier to assume that one would get self-aware people, with a decent, “human” level of care, as partners — people who’ve been in serious relationships or relationships in general and have an idea on how to show care, its importance and the damage the lack of it creates in the bond between two individuals.

The failure of a past relationship that hinged on the chronic lack of care from my ex made me realize that care does not come naturally to everyone, and is not a factor of age…

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I long for something
that I know not of,
a heart wrenching search
for that I
haven’t tasted.
It seems to be
at the periphery
of emotions like joy,
but vanishes
as soon as I
try to catch it.

I long for something
and I’m not sure,
if it’s this world
with all its pleasures or more,
or if it’s stillness
in the corners of my mind,
the parts of me that are all voice.
I want to be free,
I want love,
but I want this from the part that lives in me
from the heavens above.

I long…

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If you see him, you wouldn't believe he is love. I don’t mean he was named “Love”. By Love I mean that he was the feeling of love —the one you get when you look into the eyes of a lover, the emotion that overwhelms when you look at your newborn child, or a warm fuzzy feeling that takes over in the exact moment you realize how much your parents have sacrificed to raise you. …

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“Man’s Search For Meaning” crops up in many lists describing the 100 most influential books of our time. But one only has to read the first few pages of this 153-page book to understand why; from the get-go the book brings in philosophical themes about life and its meaning, through the lens of psychology and a prisoner’s experience in a concentration camp.

While at the Auschwitz concentration camp in the 1940s, Dr. Frankl experienced starvation, disease, extreme insomnia, exhaustion, and the threat of looming death. …

The world needs to re-brace itself for the deadliest strain of the coronavirus until now.

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As I write this, Delhi stands at a positivity rate of 31%, i.e., every third person who tests for the virus has it. The true figure of people infected with the virus might be even higher; everyone I know is either infected or has a family member who is infected and needs urgent oxygen and ventilator support, plasma, Covid-19 medication, and Covid-19 detection tests— which are critically low in supply. The healthcare infrastructure has completely collapsed in Delhi and is slowly collapsing pan-India too. …

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‘Tis the season of creating our long list of new year resolutions, which we strongly hope to be motivated towards as the year progresses. However, as our individual histories have demonstrated, a majority of the items on our new year’s resolution list will never be met. In fact, anyone would be lucky to achieve even 3–4 of the listed resolutions by December 2021. The problem might not just be demotivation that sets in after a while, but that the list itself sets you up for demotivation.

One of the most common new year’s resolution adopted by a majority of people…

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Pain; a sine wave of intensity

focused on the heart

or the whole of me.

I can’t tell where it comes from

and where it goes,

all I know is that

there’s a dull ache in my veins;

Mama, I’m in pain.

I will never find the right words

to let you know of this pain,

now it’s in my head,

it hurts,

but you won’t understand,

you’re from a generation that survives,

never lives,

and life is the

dull ache in my veins;

Mama, I’m in pain.

I smile

even though it hurts

to curve my lips;

but I’ll…

Poetry Wednesday

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Light bouncing off their surface,
like million sunlit days;
a promise of the future,
I saw shards of glass beckon me,
carrying a lovelorn heart,
wondering if the desert of time
and loneliness would ever fade?

I stepped closer with hope,
sharp as knives,
but it didn’t deter me,
I may be lonely,
but I’m strength personified,
at least that’s what I believed.

I collected the shards in an embrace,
hugged until I couldn’t feel my face,
my body, my essence,
red became my skin
with love
gushing out of my veins.

With time came sanity
that brought me back to…

What role can the opposite gender play to stop the rising global violence against women?

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Dear Opposite Gender,

A week back I was tagged in a black and white selfie challenge by a woman friend, according to which I was supposed to post a black and white picture of myself on my Instagram account and nominate 20 other women who I look up to. Her message said that the reason why she chose me (and 19 other women) to pass on this message to is because I was someone she admired as a strong woman. This challenge was to remind…

The San B

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