Generic new year resolutions are poised to demotivate you

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‘Tis the season of creating our long list of new year resolutions, which we strongly hope to be motivated towards as the year progresses. However, as our individual histories have demonstrated, a majority of the items on our new year’s resolution list will never be met. In fact, anyone would be lucky to achieve even 3–4 of the listed resolutions by December 2021. The problem might not just be demotivation that sets in after a while, but that the list itself sets you up for demotivation.

One of the most common new year’s resolution adopted by a majority of people…

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Pain; a sine wave of intensity

focused on the heart

or the whole of me.

I can’t tell where it comes from

and where it goes,

all I know is that

there’s a dull ache in my veins;

Mama, I’m in pain.

I will never find the right words

to let you know of this pain,

now it’s in my head,

it hurts,

but you won’t understand,

you’re from a generation that survives,

never lives,

and life is the

dull ache in my veins;

Mama, I’m in pain.

I smile

even though it hurts

to curve my lips;

but I’ll…

Poetry Wednesday

The price you pay of loving something broken

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Light bouncing off their surface,
like million sunlit days;
a promise of the future,
I saw shards of glass beckon me,
carrying a lovelorn heart,
wondering if the desert of time
and loneliness would ever fade?

I stepped closer with hope,
sharp as knives,
but it didn’t deter me,
I may be lonely,
but I’m strength personified,
at least that’s what I believed.

I collected the shards in an embrace,
hugged until I couldn’t feel my face,
my body, my essence,
red became my skin
with love
gushing out of my veins.

With time came sanity that brought me back…

What role can the opposite gender play to stop the rising global violence against women?

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Dear Opposite Gender,

A week back I was tagged in a black and white selfie challenge by a woman friend, according to which I was supposed to post a black and white picture of myself on my Instagram account and nominate 20 other women who I look up to. Her message said that the reason why she chose me (and 19 other women) to pass on this message to is because I was someone she admired as a strong woman. This challenge was to remind…

And the results were worth the grind.

Source: Chole Ting’s YouTube Channel

The pandemic induced lockdown has brought the fitness journey of several gym-goers online. The challenge for these gym lovers isn’t sourcing fitness material, it is navigating effectively through the thousands of such videos on YouTube that can closely match a routine they like.

I too was faced with this dilemma; right before the lockdown, I had joined the gym was among the many who thought that fitness was equal to tough workouts done at the gym. …

Myths make meditation “tough”, while in reality, the practice itself is devoid of any barriers.

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by The San B

I often get asked how I get so much time to meditate when I tell people that I meditate four times a day. Their usual reaction to this piece of information is awe because somehow the practice of meditation is seen as an inscrutable, opaque box that needs to be opened with a special combination of backflips, claps, and hops. In short, people view meditation as serious hard work.

But in reality, meditation is the very anti-thesis of hard work.


I am regularly asked questions like “Don’t you love us?”, “Don’t you want to spend time with us?” While I love my family unconditionally, I have a different way of expressing love than they do.

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I am called the “cat” of my family because I mostly stay inside my room: working, meditating, or writing. In their mind, I only come out to look for food and occasional cuddles, maybe a few back scratches if I’m the mood. And if they hug me even a minute longer than I anticipated or “allowed” them to, I start to twist my self in…

I am afraid of watching the people I love die.

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It was an afternoon two months ago, when the impact of the coronavirus was just beginning to gain steam, that I received a text from a friend, “Dude, this pandemic situation is getting serious. My friend’s aunt died because of the virus. They couldn’t even find a place to treat her because all hospital beds were occupied.”

The sorry I felt for the death of a stranger’s aunt was quickly replaced by anxiety about death. Suddenly, the virus wasn’t a distant disease that happened to strangers or some statistic that I saw on the news. …

Faith in our ability to overcome fear, doubt, and setbacks.

A young boy looking at a wall painting where the words “believe in yourself” are painted
A young boy looking at a wall painting where the words “believe in yourself” are painted
Photo by Katrina Wright on Unsplash

How many times have we been told to “think positive ”? How many times are we made to feel wrong and even guilty for trying to be anything other than being positive? The singular focus on constantly thinking positively (“positive vibes only”), over any other emotion, has exhausted people and even led to the coining of the term “toxic positivity”. People would rather accept that they are lost, negative, unhappy, or depressed rather than pretend to be happy.

But, before you discard the notion of thinking positive as just another…

The San B

Self-Love Revolutionary| Writer| Researcher in my Day Job| @thesanb on Instagram and @thesabh on Twitter.

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